Partnering with Pharma to Bring Cutting Edge Patient Solutions

GenomiCare Biotechnology provides pharma and bioetchnology companies with real world insights into oncology care in China and the treatment journey of cancer patients.  
Our solutions are explicitly designed to be flexible and customized to meet the unique needs of each organization and each programs. Our patient-centered and sponsor-directed prospective cohort expansion capability offer companies a powerful new way to understand the real world care and unique treatment modalities for cancer patients in China. 

Globally Accessible Real-Time Cohort Analysis

With over 5 years of accumulated clinico-genomic data, through the CIAP and in real-time, users can select and partition a cohort using multiple data filters to generate comparative data on different types of outcomes, multiple statistical readouts occurring live. While the platform includes a number of precalculated multivariate algorithms to provide for novel ways to sort the cohort, the functions are fully customizable tailoring to users’ specific needs.

Prospective Cohort Expansion

Leveraging our long-term patient engagement process, GenomiCare exclusively offers a prospective cohort expansion service that allows pharmaceutical companies to target specific patient cohorts to better understand the landscape of a current treatment paradigm uncover unmet medical needs and commercial opportunities, including market access and optimal reimbursement.

Expert Data Science Services & Support

With deep bioinformatics and real-world data analysis expertise, GenomiCare offers:

  • Customized service offerings including, complete real-world evidence analyses and detailed reports;
  • Custom extensions of analyses within CIAP, through our data scientists’ direct back-end access to the underlying data structures, to define and apply numerous analytical methods and query structures for analyzing the underlying data in the database;
  • Direct ad-hoc support to rapid data queries or guidance to fully leveraging the power of CIAP.