Pioneering a Better Way
for Chinese Cancer Patients

GenomiCare has built a comprehensive real-world oncology platform that combines an expansive clinical network across China, high-quality expert curation of longitudinal clinical data, the only CLIA-certified Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing (CWES) laboratory in China, enabled and powered by cutting edge, AI-powered data and analysis technology infrastructure.




Follow-up success


Expansive Network in China
with Global Reach

Since 2015, GenomiCare has built a clinical network across the country that includes 200+ hospitals, 1200+ physician, global key opinion leaders, and partnerships with leading US hospitals including Massachusetts General and City of Hope.

High-Quality Longitudinal Data

GenomiCare’s Unique Value-Add



GenomiCare partners directly with patients and families to collect, curate, and integrate all test, treatment, and outcome information for all of its patient across all of the institutions that have provided care. 



In addition, we generate a complete set of genomic and key biomarker data for each patient, ensuring that their current physicians can provide best-in-class precision medicine driven cancer care.



Monthly or quarterly patient follow-up and support is a standard part of care provided by our medical and patient navigation service team, with a 97% follow-up success rate.


In-House Genomic Sequencing

GenomiCare’s CLIA/CAP Clinical Laboratory is the only certified laboratory in China that provides CLIA-validated, Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing (CWES), delivering a complete set of actionable and research information for all patients.

Our liquid biopsy platform is used to monitor residual disease as patients progress along their treatment journey providing high specificity and sensitivity data on disease status and progression.


Clinical Intelligence Analysis Platform (CIAP)

Compliant with Chinese and HIPAA privacy regulations, GenomiCare provides global access to real-time cohort analysis & visualization through our Clinical Intelligence Analysis Platform (CIAP), a cloud-based interface within the AWS based in China.

The Al-driven platform pre-populates 100+ different data types with pre-developed biomarker algorithms, enabling simple yet powerful real-time analysis. To protect patient privacy and regulatory compliance, CIAP mediates global access to de-identified patient information at a cohort level.