Real World Oncology in China

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Since 2015, GenomiCare has been a pioneer in guiding patient-centered precision medical care for Chinese cancer patients through direct patient engagement, complete genomic profiling, and close collaboration with physicians and hospitals.

GenomiCare Biotechnology provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with real world insights into key differences in cancer treatment and disease management in China, enabling both their research and commercial programs.  

Opportunities in the China Oncology Pharmaceutical Market

There are several trends emerging to create an ideal oncology market for biopharma companies in China. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the key attributes of the market. The Overall China Oncology Landscape China has the largest number of cancer patients globally: 4...

China Real World Data Challenges…and Solutions

Real world data collection is difficult. In China, there are additional challenges to overcome. The main obstacles to real world data collection in China revolve around data privacy and data integration and quality. This article highlights below these obstacles, as...

Highlights from ISPOR (Real World China)

GenomiCare’s sponsored ISPOR Webinar featured a cast of experts from Novartis, Roche, and AstraZeneca in a engaging  discussion about Real World Evidence in China. Key takeaways included: On the data, itself: Representativeness and Quality of data is paramount Overall...

Clinical Network

Across China, we partner with 1,200+ leading physicians and 200+ hospitals, including a unique partnership with Jiahui hospital in Shanghai, and its collaborating US counterpart Massachusetts General Hospital.

Longitudinal Real World Data Integration

We collect and curate consented,  longitudinal clinical data on each of our patients across multiple institutions, and combine these data with state-of-the-art genomics data.

Prospective Cohort Expansion

Sponsor-directed cohort expansions using our extensive clinical network

Quality Data

Fully integrated expert curation of clinical and molecular data

Dynamic real-time cohort analysis

AI-driven real time analysis generating real time analysis

Global Access

Fully compliant, secured portal access for real-time analysis

We are very pleased with the high quality of the real-world data provided by GenomiCare, and the fast, in-depth technical support from its scientists and developers. The team at GenomiCare helped us immensely with full data access and implementation of customized computational pipelines. The professional bioinformatics team delivered high-quality real-world evidence, sound analysis results, and remarkable reports that helped our cancer drug discoveries.”

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